Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Episode in Fairyland

To set myself a test I decided to write a Fairytale out of the unlikely prompt words 

The little fairy shivered
Hid beneath the mushroom cup
To avoid the gnomes

They came swaggering
Horrible leers on their faces
They were drunk again

She closed her eyes tight
Hoping they would go away
But they sat close by

Grunting listlessly
They fell asleep at long last
And smelling like skunks

She flew quickly home
Threw her friends spring blossoms
They all clapped their hands

Are you better now?
“Yes, I’m not moody any more
Oh, please forgive me” 

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  1. One has to watch out for the gnomes. They live by a different set of standards.

  2. 'Appen there's nowt wrong wi' gnomes that anuther jug o' strong ale won't put right. Eh! But it looks mucky ower our aunt Annie's.

  3. Gnomes are just misunderstood. Skunks too.

  4. What a magical flutter of as a fairytale and a 'real' life one too..i wonder why she said sorry...

  5. She must have realized gnomes can make themselves nasty. And she is most fortunate to be otherwise. Wonderful one oldegg!


  6. Only in Fairyland, wonderful words.