Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Waiting for the rain

We were waiting for the rain
Well Jimmy my husband was
Staring at the dry paddocks
But his face was full of pain

This happened every year
For sun we get a'plenty
Rain comes in winter we hope
Else there'll be many a tear

The dog knows there's something up
Hiding any place he can
Master's not a happy man
Waiting for his "Come on pup!"

While I watch what words I say
As Jim sits there whittling wood
Then gets up, quietly says
I must give the stock some hay

"Need a hand?" I said to him
He nodded grinning just a bit
We load the trailer, so I drive
He cuts the bales, face quite grim

There's a band of cloud out west
A slight chance that we'll have rain
We cut the bales, spread the feed
So stock rush up up for their feast

We've got enough to last a bit
As we complete today's task
And exhausted we take a rest
He looks worried, I admit

In bed that night cuddled up
Heard the first drops of rain fall
Then how it came pouring down
As I heard a bark from pup

I got up to let him in
Rain fell heavy on the roof
So then I went back to bed
Jim looked at me with a grin

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  1. I love the story woven in between weather phenomenon. Beautifully put.

  2. I enjoyed the story in your poem, Robin, and its conversational tone – it felt like we were having a chat! And you’ve taken on a female persona. I also like the lines about the dog knowing there’s something up, and the urgency to get those bales in before the rain. I’m glad the dog wasn’t left out in the rain.

  3. Lovely story. Glad you gave it a happy ending. It drove in the fact that we all pay attention to the weather, and some depend on its rain.

  4. Blessed rain after so long without a drop!

  5. Such a delightful read, Robin 💖 I enjoyed the conversational tone of your poem 😊

  6. Luv the talking animals, humans need to shut up sometimes. The story was beautifully told


  7. A rain is most welcome in this situation, so necessary. I loved this story, which is the story of farmers and ranchers all over the world, especially in these times when everything is heating up. I worry most about the animals who cant access resources as humans can. We have hungry bears, wolves and cougars wandering into cities over here these days. Sadly, they dont make it out alive.

  8. Such a wonderful story! I love the talking animals too. The rain began with a plop and ended with a downpour!

  9. and then sleep came after the much needed rain.

  10. You are a great storyteller in your poems I got hooked on it and glad it ended up with some rain

  11. The delight of rain after a dry spell...sure brings a smile.

  12. What a wonderful story you tell.

  13. Delightful...Whoever said they hated rainy days clearly did not spend enough time indoors Or outdoors!! Rainy days are the best! The last part of the poem with the dog’s episode made me smile. Paradoxical creatures that they are, dogs that hate the rain often love splashing around in puddles. Smiles.
    Loved this writing, Robin.

  14. It seems a dog has a way of knowing very much earlier what comes may. They may not observe and tell perhaps through the winds that blow. Rightly so Robin!