Sunday, 7 July 2019

My first love

Joan you were my first love
So many years ago
One day you just let go
No longer hand in glove

I wept, you broke my heart
But it did heal in time
Dating others was no crime
So I made a new start

Sixty years have flown by
Had wife and family
Living life happily
Now widower am I

Then came Facebook message
Do you want to be friends?
What thoughts the message sends
What can one envisage?

So we wrote lovingly
All those years did not cost
As our love was not lost
We could chat happily

Then your daughter messaged me
Tells me you too have died
There's more grief so I cried
No love now, I'm lonely

Who knows where you two've gone
Loving girls in my life
One first love, one my wife
So I sing love's sad song

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  1. How sad, to have just reconnected, then to lose her again. That happened to me with a friend from school days. He left by suicide which made it even harder. So sorry, Robin.

    1. This is a true story but sadly she died this week and even though we wrote we never met up again.

  2. Such a sad tale Robin. I am so sorry

  3. Oh this is heartbreaking 😥😥 I am so sorry, Robin.

  4. When we age I think this is what will happen... so sad, but a good thing to be able to reconnect again before it was to late.

  5. So sad..Goodbyes are so painful