Saturday, 27 July 2019

It was the birds

It was the birds that set the scene
As they each left the fields
Flew up into the sky
Circling flew away for the night

I sat still taking it all in
Cattle lowed bound for home
T'was milking time for them
Their usual path they'd be alright

Then following their trail a fox
Paddock fence was open
So great chance for a snatch
And overhead flew a soaring kite

An owl woke up now looked around
As he watched for some prey
A mouse, a chick; all game
His day was starting so took flight

Milking over, cows back to graze
Settle for quiet night
Farm dog sits by back door
Likes to keep master within sight

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  1. Reminiscing here, Robin. You told it was like on the farm come Evening time. Besides milking cows my other fun job was getting the chickens down out of the trees before their curfew. Repeat offenders I'd catch with my chicken catcher and carry them back to the chicken house.

  2. Birds seem to punctuate the day, with their morning singing and their evening antics. I love the familiar rural story in your poem, Robin.

  3. I like how it feels like a changing of the guard with the activities of the different birds.

  4. Like Jim, I found myself reminiscing as I read your poem. Thank you.

  5. Such a peaceful scene as the evening hush settles into routine.

  6. truly comforting... even the prowling fox.