Thursday, 18 July 2019

I was so in love

"Indeed ; why should I not admit it? -in that moment, my heart was breaking"- Kazuo Ishiguro - The Remains of the Day

Nineteen, I was so in love
Always welcome in her home
He parents happy I came there
In their lounge was my own chair

We'd go for walks, spoon of course
Hold hands deep in the woods
I carved our names on tree's trunk
Loving her like being drunk

Went on holday with her
At invite from her parents
Close to the sea much to do
One last treat before her adieu

It broke my heart, I was lost
I only ever thought of her
She'd said "Should try others out"
I wanted to scream and shout

That was the end of our affair
Oh so many years ago
Then one day when I was old
Message came, who could have told?

So we wrote of this and that
In love and such confidence
She's now died, I've shed my tears
Thus it was in our last years

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  1. It is sad you lost her for a second time, Robin. But good that you did reconnect. Those young heartbreaks went so deep.

  2. An excellent use of the quote from one of my favorite books. I am glad you reconnected but sad that she died, if this is true. Thank you for writing to my prompt.

  3. I will always connect in my daydreams and nightdreams with the love of my life, he will never know.

  4. Our memoies choose what aspects it wants us to remember. The ones of old that I had crushes on I can't find, I doubt they try to find me. Even Facebook doesn't know her, I wish they did. Of course I'm happily married, the cards say just keep the memories and stay quiet.

  5. The sting of loss felt twice. This is poignant and beautiful Robin!

  6. Hurt of loss coming twice in a lifetime. What a beautiful, sensitive poem, Robin.

  7. A heart-wrenching, yet sweet tale of young love :)