Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Having the urge

Ever since childhood I've had that urge
To collect something, that can't be purged
Noting steam loco's numbers on railway line
As a youngster at stations suited me fine

Then was a fad for collecting birds eggs
Thinking of that now makes my mind beg
Stamp collecting was a far gentler sport
Learn't geography from this as I ought

But growing up led to far milder ways
So bird watching with wife spent many days
I collected old postcards whilst rain showers
And she spent time doing jig-saws for hours

But getting old makes one recall the past
So I gave family history a blast
To delve in those days of another age
You find the method to turn back time's page

And how you laugh at their indiscretions
Large families, funny names and passions
So many children and many a death
It makes you want to gasp with such sad breath 

What will people think knowing your passion?
Perhaps they'll wish to have the same intention
Or look at you with strange contemplation
'Cos they're glued to Netflix on television

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  1. The world keeps on changing and we with it, carrying what we love with us (watching things we don't love so much). I love the change of hobby, and the fact that bird watching was done in much better company.

  2. Some wonderful memories and sense of peace - so sad that we are losing those simple pleasures

  3. Sir, You intended or unintended I know not,
    But I found a beautiful message hidden in it.,

    Thank you

  4. I did a bird watching poem today :) Change is the way of life. So hobbies too change with time. Nice.

  5. I like this poem of reverie......and your gentle pasttimes through the years. Family history is rich in memories to ponder.

  6. Sometimes our hobbies change with the years and sometimes they do not. I like that you have kept your peace through out your years.

  7. You don’t see that many young collectors these days; I suppose it could have something to do with children and young people spending most of their time on gadgets. Steam trains were much more exciting than modern ones and people don’t send many letters nowadays. I used to love receiving unusual stamps from faraway places. I still have a small collection of postcards, which I refuse to part with. Buttons was something else I used to collect.

  8. I identify with the changing hobbies. I have a list of past hobbies, oh and yes I went with the stamp collecting phase as well.

    Happy Wednesday


  9. That's true.. now it's all about devices and online content.. gone are those little pleasures!

  10. My goodness! The poet has tried all sorts of hobbies. That's a good thing, I suppose. Why stick with one thing, when several will do just as well?

  11. I think its absolutely wonderful to change or have several hobbies with the passage of time 💖💖 The closing line made me smile and gasp at the same time. The world is changing so fast!!😊

  12. Chuckles! Looking at those photographs pleases me as well. I have to stick some up on Facebook to reach certain members of my family.

  13. I love the memories those photographs allow. Maybe a bit sad, but the fact that you can remember fun times is warming.

  14. Well said. We don't need technology to crowd out simple pleasures. Your writing imho is very good! Kn