Wednesday, 24 July 2019

She leads

Could have been great disappointment to wife
Even though she was the love of my life
I first saw her in the street one fine day
Proposed a date, "Yes" she answered, hooray!

Date went well, held hands as I walked her home
Discussing what else could be done
It soon was clear she liked to dance a lot
Kissed goodnight, went home; brain lost the plot

I had two left feet and my mind went wild
Hopeless me, I almost cried like a child
She ticked all my boxes; but what of her?
Below standard me, she'd surely demure

We stuck with films and concerts for awhile
Until I told the real truth without guile
But she didn't despair or so I thought
So stopped at shop, box of chocs I bought

Clearly I knew how to turn the life's tide
Not long before with me she would abide
As we married less than a year later
Garden reception with lots of waiters

Dear one, she chose to take me just as I am
Marriage was good, could say t'was topped with jam
If we ever danced it was she who leads
She considers me one with special needs

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  1. This poem trips and dances beautifully - some wonderful memories

  2. What a twist in the middle! A sweet poem :)

  3. This is such a sweet poem, Robin! It only goes to prove that if someone loves you, they take you as you are.

  4. I love this and hope you danced at your wedding......your wife would not mind that you did not dance well, as long as you danced! I smiled at her considering you one with special needs. She sounds like such a sweetheart.

  5. Thank goodness someone recognised your special needs and was there to help you meet the challenges of life!

  6. Ah how sweet. She lead and you let her. Good plan

    Happy Wednesday


  7. I enjoy the stories you tell in poem form ....

  8. What a lovely poem and yes a box of chocolates does wonders as well

  9. I'm of the kind who also likes to lead. It's nice to dance with one who likes to follow.

  10. That was fun read!! At could dance, Robin.

    "She considers me one with special needs"
    This takes the cake. :)))

  11. My new favorite of your poems. The dance of life as well as the dance of art comes up --love it.

  12. A smart man realises that the wife ( she who must be obeyed )must lead in all things.

  13. She leads and that actually is giving full support for a loved one who cares


  14. Your poem made me chuckle because you could have been writing about my hubby. And so, I lead too on the dance floor. :D A delightful and romantic piece!