Saturday, 13 July 2019

My world alone

Where has my life gone?
I'm but a bathering old fool
Doddering about aimlessly
In my world alone

With my wrinkled face
Thinking back to days long gone
Balding skullcap, lines galore
Now just a disgrace

Wife died years ago
Sons and daughters just who knows where?
Look inscrutable to passers by
Why angry? "Dunno!"

Recall velvet days
Boy of fifteen far to go
On the prowl chasing skirts
Listened to their ways

Where has my life gone?
It has been lived that's for sure
Pity I can't have second go
This time really shone

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  1. Yes, it's a pity we can't have a second go. Not sure what I would be able to change. I like your poem.
    Over the back fence.

  2. I love the idea of velvet days they seem good to remember

  3. I'm glad for you that 'this time really shone'! And if you can't have a second go, I hope you can prolong the first go indefinitely, in sufficient vigour of body and mind. (That's my plan, anyway.)

  4. PS I don't really get the relationship of this picture to this poem. ??

    1. Not sure now but don't have time to change her. She could be nurse in my retirement home!

  5. This is incredibly poignant, Robin! 💖

  6. I think we all kind of look back at all of what we did and had in younger years. We can't have a second go-around, but I think we can be grateful for the good life we led and try to find some joy in every day, no matter our age.

  7. I love that phrase "velvet days". My poem is one of looking back also. We were lucky to be young when we were.

  8. It's a pity indeed, that we can live only once. Except storytellers and storyreaders, we live again and again and again.

  9. We've all got take what we've been given and make it shine for sure, because we'll never pass this way again.

  10. While we're still alive, let's live. Old age can be velvet too, despite the wrinkles, the groans, the times alone... well maybe the velvet does wear off a bit.

  11. That’s a question I’ve asked myself several times recently. I’m not alone but I have started to dodder about aimlessly on occasion. I’ve been lucky so far that I have very few wrinkles, but I could put that down to keeping out of the sun – don’t like too much heat.

  12. "Velvet days" is an incredible phrase, although now I'm picturing antlers and deer vanishing into the undergrowth.

  13. One often reflects on the 'what ifs' of life. It often is the case of what transpired had looked easy. It comes to the point one could have it done well if given the privilege of a second time around


  14. Where has my life gone? I think there is deep contemplation in this piece. In reflective moments there are always moments where we wonder, where did time disappear to?

    I say don't spend too much time wondering where it went, instead enjoy where one might be going. smiles

  15. Reality are not going to get a nurse who looks like that in the retirement home.Now if you were a tennis star you might, because they earn well over on hundred million dollars. Good use of the words. I wrote a new poem because mine was too similar to yours.

  16. well, i was also writing something like "on the prowl chasing skirts". perhaps we should have a beer, even a digital one. 🍺

  17. I hope you choose today to make new memories even though it may seem impossible. It's good to remember the good times.