Thursday, 25 July 2019

I awake early

I awake early from my sleep
Summer sun has not risen yet
The air is still it whispers not
Even Moon has already set

Listen for twitter in the trees
Even the owls throw in the towel
It's magic just me by myself
Time for poet, verse and vowel

Horizon lightens as I stare
Prompting twitters from above
A wombat's grunt comes along
Cooing starts of Turtle dove

Now the breeze whispers quietly
Lest the humans wake far too soon
Then the Sun's rays light up the sky
As the early birds sing in tune

Hear the distant hum of traffic
As man scares the wild ones away
Now there's a rumble of a train
Horns are sounded...another day

I come in to find solitude
From mankind's crazy noisy way
There's nothing like nature's stillness
To lift me up to face the day

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  1. Good Morning, Sir. Great write; this captures that moment perfectly. I remember.

  2. This is incredibly beautiful, Robin!💖 There is definitely magic in early mornings 😊 especially love; "Now the breeze whispers quietly/Lest the humans wake far too soon/Then the Sun's rays light up the sky/As the early birds sing in tune." Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💖

  3. Morning has broken .... this is lovely.

  4. My kind of awakening, Robin, and my time of day – love it – including the wombat!

  5. When all the world is still, it is lovely to find solitude.

  6. I love the rhyming in this one, Robin and especially love "time for poet, verse and vowel." Cool!

  7. You've nicely captured the main reason folk go in to the wilds. Alone with Nature and her still existing guests. I can't remember the last time I've done that. Golf course is fine with me. Even the electric carts respect the beauty.

  8. Just lovely. Enjoying and appreciating nature's healing gifts,expressed so well. Kn

  9. I love "poet, verse and vowel" too.

  10. The gentle awakening.... love this.

  11. Oh yes, to be awakened by nature, to see, hear and feel it is like no other experience. Beautiful writing

  12. Wonderful Robin. You don't live in the country now, but can take us right there. Kn