Sunday, 7 July 2019

The good old days

The finches chatted in the trees
Then flew to ground to pick up feed
Then up again, wind swirling round
I glanced at them, reading my mail 
Rarely sent this digital age
Makes oldies go off in a rage

Posties delivering less and less
Spam callers on home phones each day
Kitchen fridge piled with post-it notes
Filled with ready cooked frozen meals
Greasy home cooking rare sight now
No burnt knuckles or scalded brow

Why curb my needs to do it now
Wanting those old days back again
Don't spare me doing things myself
Just in case the power cuts off
Yes, Let's get water from a well
Get the night soil man call as well

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Please forgive my dark humour here as oldies do tend to yearn for the past while they forget the disadvantages of the good old days when some necessities were quite primitive!


  1. the old days were less hectic and more laid back. we think with our brains and do stuff with our hands.
    yes, i was wondering what will happen when there is a serious power outage. say, that last hours?

  2. I miss getting cards and letters in the mail. We have lost so much so quickly. Outside loos are fine as long as you have an indoor one as well:)Always wise to have alternative options...a water tank,and an open fire.