Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Wish I was a poet too

The beauty of being a poet 
Although you don't really know it
That by writing your words in rhyme
You'll be remembered past your time

As readers will see what you've seen
Even though it's been all a dream
When they read your words from the start
And may then feel your beating heart

There'll be birds soaring in the trees
And scent of flowers on the breeze
There will be good times and the bad
They'll be laughing when they'll be sad

Most of all there will be that time
When their tears will fall at your rhyme
You've made them feel just as you do
They'll say "Wish I was a poet too"

Image found at https://pixabay.com/en/in-love-thinking-poetry-poet-652485/


  1. You surely leave something great behind as a poet Robin

  2. Lovely! This relationship between the poet and the readers is so special. I really liked your deftness with rhymes here.

  3. To know that our words have the power to move hearts and minds, yes that is an amazing feeling.

  4. Being able to share how we feel and find out that others feel the same is true magic.

  5. We all wish to write something that might be remembered. ahh the angst of the poet you soundly portray

  6. Lovely!💜 Who doesn't want to be remembered for their poems 😊

  7. I wonder too... if the words will last past my death... if it will be the rhymes or something else.

  8. I wonder as well. I like that you bring up the point of tears falling at our words. Wonderful!