Thursday, 17 January 2019

My Bunyip

A Bunyip lives quite close to me
In a cave on river Murray's bank
I hear its roar in dead of night
And its smell really is quite rank
Once as a teen I rowed my boat
Right up to its cavernous home
Though alone I should not have roamed

I moored my craft to a gum tree
I poked my nose in his dark cave
To see if he was really there
Couldn't tell my Mum, she would rave
It stunk it really was the worst
But so do boys, so I went in
Asleep the Bunyip did not grin

Sat watching him just a minute
He looked sad as he'd hurt himself
For he whimpred and gave out cries
His leg was cut, he was in pain
So went back home for first aid kit
Rowing fast as fast as I could
To help the poor beast as I should

Mum thought nought of me rushing round
It was always my normal style
Returned to the cave, he looked up
Wondering what on earth I'd do
But resigned to me fixing him
So gave him my ham sandwich too
He just grunted, I was true blue

I never told others where he was
Sometimes I used to take him treats
Then he would nudge me with his nose
He was not always in the cave
I shut my mind to who he ate
Knowing that we were true friends
And this is where the story ends

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There are many legends of the Bunyip living in or around the River Murray. I too believe in Bunyips particularly if I have moored my boat in a deserted part of the river and it is dark as dark can be and you hear strange grunting and snuffling noises!


  1. I really enjoyed the first person narrative and the how you personalized the prompt! Thanks for posting eggy-weg!

  2. Nice poem. I like how the two of you became friends

  3. I so enjoyed you first person narrative, Robin. I have heard of the Bunyip but you’ve painted a clearer picture of it for me. It’s so funny, I read the first stanza about the Bunyip being loud and smelly, and thought, so are teenage boys. And then you wrote the same thing in the second stanza!

  4. Always best to befriend the alleged fiend, eh?

  5. I liked your story. I have never heard of this one-more-creature, man has created.

  6. How sweet... what a great way to have a secret friend

  7. Less chance of being eaten when you are friends! This is great, Robin.

  8. Cool! I've read about Bunyips but never about a friendly one!