Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Such is life

Life is such a paradox
When as a child growing up
You can't get there fast enough
Then you find it is so tough

There's a race for what you want
And all run faster than you
Recalling life as it was
Kissing next door girlfriend Ros

How good those freedom years
Sport and booze to name just two
Then marriage, kids, working hard
Digging garden in back yard

Then there's just the two of you
The age of gray approaches
Working days end now has come
You and her in empty home

You're free to do what you want
But you want to see the kids
With their little ones in tow
To tie girls hair in a bow

Get on the floor with youngsters
See their hands and sparkling eyes
Play with cars with the young lad
And wipe the tears 'cos you're sad

How you wish you were like them
Stepping out for the first time
The future in front of you
With so much more still to do

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  1. We want time to pass but want the good things from the past to never change. What a mess, this living. But we love it anyway, don't we?

  2. It is such a paradox.....the race to grow up, how hard it is, raising the kids then, in later years, it is all about wanting to be with them and the grandkids........a fulfilling cycle.

  3. I love the tenderness in this, and the truth. I'm at the 'wanting to see the grandkids' stage and can relate to this poem absolutely.

  4. Luv the last verse; holding in the entire paradox, of years want to get there having got there and yet still looking back

    much love...

  5. Life is indeed a paradox. The eagerness to leave a state and the craving to get back to that once again. Sigh. Love the tender images all through.

  6. Round and round we go, ironies abounding. I like how you capture the ages of humans.

  7. Such is life, indeed. Your gentle poem makes me pause... and ponder this great paradox.

  8. beautiful, if one can see the truth in time and be able to do more good

  9. interesting how time passes...but every moment is still now. Thanks for sharing.