Sunday, 20 January 2019

Waiting eternally

I look to the distant sea
Love the shingle on the beach
Sound of waves on pebbles
Sea moans as it breaks in surf
Hear seagulls calls of despair
As they circle in the air

You once placed your hands in mine
I felt your warmth in this place
But you've gone from this wild world
Leaving me alone missing you
Walking miles through the pine trees
Sobbing, coming to my knees

Do I repent loving you?
Love is precious won or lost
Theres a trace of you in my heart
That will not leave evermore
I feel your eyes that follow me
Wait; I'll wait eternally

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  1. The longing touches so deeply. Beautiful.

  2. Ah, in love there is nothing to repent about, I don't think. Love just IS. This is a very beautiful poem of deep feeling.

  3. I could not repent the joy it is to love, even knowing that the best of loves will always end in some kind of parting (including death).

  4. I'm always taken by the loving yearning that feeds your poetry. The nostalgia and the bittersweet scent of happiness that is now only memory touches the heart.

  5. A doctor told me once that the depth of our grief honours the depth of our love for them. How wonderful to have had such a love. I love the line "you've gone from this wild world"....but not from your wild heart.

  6. Oh this is so filled with longing, and I think it's a sorrow to treasure just for that longing.

  7. The longing and ache is so palpable here.. sigh .. a most beautiful poem, Robin!💞

  8. How can one repent love? Love is love...

  9. The first stanza is a neautiful description of the sea with the calls of despair from the seagulls and the sound of the waves.

  10. Oh Old Egg, the ache and the love were visceral in this piece. So well written!

  11. A beautiful poem with your question - asked - and answered, with wistful tenderness. Wonderfully written.

  12. A lovely and touching treatment of the words. Very evocative, with its undertones of deep sadness but containing an added touch of hope.

  13. The yearning in this poem is tangible for me. Just lovely, Robin!

  14. A very poignant poem Robin.
    Peggy xxx