Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The look on their faces

I've seen the look on their faces
I have seen it in many places
The sea birds shake their heads at me
When I take a walk down by the sea
Recently there's been strange looks too
Then my cat Bess whispered a clue
Stop being so foolish human
or you'll sit with the ferryman

You are causing the Earth's demise
Most of what you do is unwise
You trash the oceans and the fish
Burn the forests and demolish
Vast swathes of land that give you life
Dear animals fear gun and knife
Just so some mad millionaire
Can show stuffed animals with flair

Soon the Earth will be a desert
Is what you want just barren dirt?
With children crying without food
And only you in a joyful mood
For the best way to tend this Earth
Is love and care for all we're worth
I want to hear the lions roar
And birds in trees; nest, sing and soar

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Note: The ferryman rowed the dead to Hades in Greek mythology


  1. "For the best way to tend this Earth
    Is love and care for all we're worth" And I love the title of this poem, the the details that show earth teaming with life just waiting for human's to take care and to love.

  2. Your mastery in rhyming always floors me in a good way, another gem

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Robin

    much love...

  3. This is a beautiful piece addressing a serious subject. And your rhyming skill is admirable. What a wonderful composition.

    And yes, I too want to hear the birds sing. How could a bard or minstrel create without a birdsong!

  4. Your poem is a beautiful call to love this earth.

  5. I'd like one time to hear a lion roar.

  6. I would love to hear a lion roar, too. Loved this, Robin. You know how much this resonates with me.

  7. Sometimes, I think that the planet would be better off, if humanity was removed from the equation of life, here. Sadly, Robin, my pessimist side doesn't see any redemption here. Like all those species of bats wiped out, in 2 days, from the extreme heat.

  8. Great write we have to give it love and care let everyone read this

  9. It is terrible to think about what kind of world we are living behind for our grandkids to inherit. I look at my little four year old grandson and realise the predictions for life on earth in 2050 will be when he is young man. It makes me feel so bad. Suzanne of Wordpress "Being in Nature"

  10. Really, what a mess we are, the humans. "I want to hear the lions roar / And birds in trees; nest, sing and soar"...Love the lines.

  11. This is like an anthem for the wild and nature. Giving them a poetic voice that they so deserve. May we start to listen before it is too late. This is poignant and lovely Robin!

  12. You give a meaningful voice to nature in this poem! Bravo!