Saturday, 12 January 2019

The hollow man

I am the hollow man
Who's lived a life of woe
I promised much along with trust
With nothing to back this Joe

Friends how they come and go
Fall in the spiders trap
I borrow cash then disappear
Don't tell, so they call me crap

I always seem okay
Neat look and smiling face
But I'm ready to make a dash
I plan to flee in disgrace

I am the hollow man
Now it's me that is fraught
My acts have caught up with me
I sit here alone in court

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  1. I find this hollow man quite creepy, Robin, and possibly sad and lonely.

  2. He sounds so depressed and lonely .. sigh..

  3. Nice rhyming but this old egg will keep her distance, thank you!

  4. A very interesting character sketch of this "hollow man". Despite his deeds, we can feel for him and his emptiness.

  5. ... sorry to say this type of man is all to true!

  6. Ugh. So many days stretch before him for more hollow words and actions.