Friday, 11 January 2019

It's time to stop

Fish are dying on the sandy shore
Native species soon will be no more
As habitat drives them far away
Foreign predators will have their say

Dolphins injured at port's river mouth
Speedboats and skiers are so uncouth
Seals are gashed boats propeller blades
What one was Heaven is now Hades

Mankind is such an ugly creature
Thinks nothing of each precious feature
Struts his way around our precious world
Thinks he owns it all when flags unfurled

Forests whisper of mans many wrongs
While all wolves and whales sing their sad songs
As pollution spreads like a disease
As man sits back with arrogant ease

Everybody, please save our precious world
And let all creatures sleep safely curled
Forests breathe out so we all may live
Man! It's time to stop the take... and give!

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  1. That last line was never truer than right now, Robin. I especially love the line about wolves and whales singing their sad songs. The only disharmonious note in nature's song is humankind. Awareness has grown slowly but it is accelerating now. Hopefully in time, though time is short. Thank you for your poem, my friend.

  2. "Pollution spreads like a disease." Too right.

  3. I agree, Robin, than mankind is an ugly creature. But there are some humans who have internal beauty and want to do what's right.