Sunday, 13 January 2019

His letters

I keep his letters in a shoebox
Sweet loving words that I so adore
He hungered for me that's plain to read
These caring words from my man at war

I'm old and wrinkled and the clouds are gray
Life's complicated in many ways
He died there, our love was unfulfilled
My life is now full of cloudy days

I am not a pious woman, No!
It's not easy coping by myself
I use the bus or walk to cut costs
There's not much food on the pantry shelf

Oft I walk down the seas promenade
As it waves at me with oily brim
Gulls squabble, squawk and soar aloft
For this place is best to think of him

I can't deny that I was afraid
Hoping that he would survive that war
To see him waving from the troop ship
Not leaving this life in bloody gore

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  1. The loneliness is gripping here, so is the scene. Beautiful and poignant.

  2. This is so poignant. It's never easy for people to send their loved ones to war.. sigh.. the feeling of fear and loneliness is palpable here.

  3. Impressive poem about the futility of war. Seamless use of the words.

  4. I can see her so clearly, living on her unfulfilled memories. "My life is full of cloudy days." So poignant, Robin. So many lead lonely lives.

  5. A lovely poignant write, loneliness is felt within the words.

  6. This is so sad! I can see her walking down by the sea filled with misty memories.

  7. They say time heal things, but that's just a lie we try to make work. The years only change the hurt, the loss...

  8. Very sad when all that remains of a long lost love is letters in a shoebox. Very sad but poignant poem, Robin.

  9. What vivid reminiscences! And that's what happens when you love someone dearly--and lose him.

  10. and now I get her... I know her more. Good character development while rhyming!LeeAnna

  11. This moving piece may be fictional, but then again I'm sure it's very true to life for many.