Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Sunday After

I woke to warm silence
On a fine summer's day
My wife's naked back stirred
Her grunt meant "fetch me tea"
I silenced the alarm

"Church this morning?" I asked
Before rousing the kids
Hearing the bells now chime
She stirred from her dreaming
Snuggled close to my arm

"It's the Sunday after 
Christmas" she said to me
Bells ringing from afar
"Littlies won't want to go
One service missed won't harm"

So got up and made tea
Found kids happy playing
So I then removed all
Christmas decorations
Kids watched without a qualm

It didn't take me long
For that was plain to see
As I tidied our house
Felt the heat of window 
Pane with my open palm

This is Australia
And we live upsidedown
Sky was clear no clouds seen
Who'd live anywhere else
Where all is peace and calm

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  1. What a lovely post-Christmas scene of domestic tranquility you paint, Old Egg! Happy New Year!

  2. Wonderful, Robin, your upside-down and perfectly contented world.