Wednesday, 28 February 2018

This girl of yours

"And did she bloom this girl of yours?"
My word, she burst upon the scene
By catching my eye in the street
As I walked to work that cold day
I saw the warmth in her shy eyes
And wanted to kiss her cute nose
So walked across that busy road
And went right up to her and said
"Hello", She looked up with a small smile 
"Would you like to go out with me?"
So I told her just who I was
There was but the tiniest pause
But then she nodded her head "Yes"
What a beautiful rose she was
"You are right she did bloom for me"

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  1. Now THIS is the way to make connections! Ha, I now see that lying on the couch with a magazine over my head wasnt the best way to find true love. LOL.

  2. That would never happen today. Young people can barely be bothered to look up from their phones long enough to check for traffic before walking out into the street, let alone make eye contact with real live people.

  3. I am smiling. Maybe it would be intrusive, but I don't think so. Truly, I find this way of seizing the moment to be like receiving a sweet flower.

  4. Absolutely, why waste a moment! Perfect!

  5. That's what is called carpe diem!

  6. Aaah...Perfect seizing of the moment! Very cute :)

  7. Lovely take on the prompt. Like that both the speaker and the girl didn't waste any time. Now that's carpe diem. :D

  8. Well, that is seizing the day!