Sunday, 11 February 2018

Our crazy world

What a crazy world this is
Frozen one day hot the next
With rasping winds gusting now
Flicking the hair from my brow
And drying out the earth's crust

Holy saints what has happened now
A thick haze covers the town
Soil from up north blows around
Wives dash out grab and fold sheets
Scrabbling before dusty gust

Now tie bins up with some rope
So they don't go walkabout
Wagon and bikes stowed away
Get back in house safe and sound
Watch at windows swirling dust

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N.B. Walkabout - Australian expression meaning wander off


  1. The scariest part is that it's crept up on us like a stalking panther, We had decades to deal with it, and didn't. Now it is probably too late.

  2. We were given quite a nice one; but a good job was done on mucking it up.
    Very good work on the words, though!