Sunday, 11 February 2018

Painting thoughts of infidelity

I loved her soft brown hands
Her eyes as she looked at me
A glimpse of faraway mountains
As she brought my coffee at three

Her bangles on each arm
Married not long ago
But her husband works far away
And that is where she yearns to go

Behind the counter smiles
Her eyes look down in case
Others may see her sad desire
Which now shows clearly on her face

Each day I visit there
To see these sad brown eyes
Why does this beauty yearn for me
How long before she ends her sighs?

I have to work up north
Building a bridge up there
Busy but still missed her sweet face
My Mona Lisa dream affair

Even I was surprised
To see her face now gone
I felt quite numb that she had left
Her eyes for me no longer shone

Coffee had a bitter taste
Sugar could not take away
Cursed with thoughts of that pretty girl
Painting thoughts of infidelity

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  1. Ah, sweet fantasies! Your romantic tales are always written in a way that has the reader enter right in.

  2. It is always good to keep those dreams alive, even if they are fantasies. One can always imagine what might have been.....

  3. I imagine many such affairs are carried out only in one's imagination. Well told, my friend.

  4. Oh I hope that she found her way back to her husband... but as a fantasy it's a good one.

  5. 'Coffee had a bitter taste sugar could not take away' this is so poignant!!💞

  6. Oh the romantic love affairs we have in our dreams, our desires....your words brought a big sigh to my heart.

  7. I love the rhyme, and that last stanza is just perfection.

  8. Ah, the coffee is just not the same. You may need to venture out into another realm of dreams ;)

  9. I love "My Mona Lisa dream affair." I think we've all had one.

  10. This is beautifully penned! And I love the close here--

  11. Ah fantasies ~ sigh ~ A captivating and intriguing piece - wonderfully rendered

  12. Whew, that was a close call ... but a brown-eyed girl who wears bangles is hard to let go of, even if she is married.

  13. Wonderful tale. The fantasies we carry inside are most interesting.

  14. An infidelity never fulfilled. A good thing, I think. I like how you write about the not so subtle desires of human nature. Well done!

  15. Simple things in life. That's all they would need! Their wants are limited yet they are contented!


  16. Nice one Robin, she slipped away like a phantom

    much love...

  17. Reminds me of an old Temptations song called "Just My Imagination." I like the mystique about this one...

  18. At first reading I thought she was unfaithful. At second, I wonder if something happened to her.