Sunday, 25 February 2018

Man found dead in Mall

I sat in the mall
Like a tourist with no map
Or a drifter with nowhere to go

This was my home town
I scattered crumbs to the birds
They at my feet knowing that I was safe

I come here each day
Loneliness my friend with thoughts
As I remember what used to be

Her sparkling green eyes
"I'm just off to ladies wear"
Left me standing to do as I please

I watch the world go by
Loving wives are hard to find
On balance I think I found the best

She died years ago
But still I come to this point
Look for her smile emerge from that shop

A few bags in hand
This was my little device
My only way to be with her

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  1. this is so sad, and spooky too, isn't it? this is the spirit of the man who returns to the mall where he found his love, :(

  2. Oh my heart aches with this one Robin.

  3. This is such a tenderly written, poignant and emotive piece, Robin. The depth of the feeling here, is rendered with such love, I feel it is some of your best work.

  4. Yes, you had a special one. I love that you go to the mall to remember going shopping with her. I think she was pretty lucky too!