Sunday, 25 February 2018

The gravity of sleeping in

Warbling honeyeaters chatter
And other birds natter
Shatters the morning air

Not helped by my bloodshot eyes
Hiding from bright blue skies
And Sun's rude morning glare

The annoying whistling kettle
Kitchen dishes rattle
Far more than I can bear

But the crescendo is now reached
Electrifying speech
Words from toilet door swear

"Damn, there's no paper in here!"
Through gritted teeth "Yes, dear"
Push roll through gap down there

She finally comes out neat
Edges into her seat
Grins with pearly teeth bared

Just what happened to our lie ins?
Now the front door bell rings
"OK, I'll see who is there"

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  1. LOL, I can relate to all of this except being annoyed by the tea kettle. The sound of hot water ready to be made into tea is music to my sleepy ears.

  2. What a day you describe! Thankfully, they are few and far between in my life, and I hope they are in yours too. Oh, the poor person in the poem, though!

  3. Ha, ha! Quite a beginning to the morning. Seems like line-ins are getting shorter and shorter or non-existent. And an early morning visitor yet!!

  4. Ah the sounds made by the tea kettle is like a lullaby to my ears. Such a beautiful poem, Robin!

  5. Jumping right into the morning. Better make that coffee!

  6. a wonderfully rude awakening, albeit I take the hint there was something perhaps by way of indulgence to help with sleep - but oh, what an annoyance - and no paper? LOL - isn't that most typical of a men, more so than women? I like the title of this piece - and the image - it all works so well together - and has that laugh out loud quality. Cheers!

  7. and the day starts :)
    an amusing take !

  8. Love that... the cries from someone in need... or just annoyed is the doom of all lay-inns... love it

  9. I love this...made me smile as I hate the glare of morning when I want to sleep in.

  10. Wonderful rhythm to this poem that describes a mundane morning in many households.

  11. When you first fall in love, one bathroom is enough. A happy marriage, however, requires two.

    What kind of birds are in the pic, btw? There aren't any like that in Texas, but I wish there were.

    1. Not in Australian either Ann. I think they are Grey backed Fiscals from Kenya, Africa.

  12. Wonderfully drawn ... I think we humans share a real connection in the mundane bits and bobs of life, and you've really struck on that here ... it's all in the details.

  13. A cacophony of morning sounds and stories.

  14. I can relate to this one Robin, especially if I am having not enough sleep. I can hear everything. Loved the rhythm of the poem :)

  15. I smile throughout this entire poem. I must show it to my husband, who loves to sleep late. I'm always nagging him that he misses the beauty of the morning. Love the reality and the humor in this.

  16. The many sounds of morning. Enjoyed your poem.

  17. Ah yes, there are mornings like this! But at present it is only my little cat who wakes me, to tell me it is time for her breakfast. However she is patient with me as I slowly respond.