Thursday, 8 February 2018

That's best for me

I'm an old man now
Like to use the stairs
As I've always done
For so many years
I've stumbled once or twice
Which isn't very nice

There's a lift to use
But I'm scared of it
I might get right in
Then it will not go
I've just pressed button 3
I hope that's best for me

Well bless my socks
My that was quick
I'm such a dunce 
It opens at once
I'm where I want to be
So no more stairs for me

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  1. (✿◠‿◠)
    He actually got it right. good for him

    much love...

  2. Yes, he made the best decision on how to climb. Thank you for taking part in the prompt!

  3. It is good to have made a time-saving discovery especially for the benefit of tired bones. Like the veiled humor, Robin!


  4. Oh yes, it can be difficult climbing stairs at one point.

  5. resistance until forced to face the unknown - and then, what a world of a difference!

    I like how this speaks to the underlying fears that plague so many, especially the elderly, and the loss of independence, or difficulties so many experience as mobility declines. Sometimes, it takes that "aha moment" when you realize that something like, for example, having to use a motorized scooter actually improves the quality of life.

  6. When I was young falling didn't scare me at all. Now after three really nasty falls it scares me plenty. I'll take all the help I can get.

  7. I relate. I am afraid of elevators too. But now living on the second floor with bad knees, i would use an elevator if this building had one.

  8. I have never been caught in an elevator, but I'm still well enough to use the stairs...

  9. I have I have always preferred stairs to elevators, though my whole working life, I never had a choice.

  10. Truthfully I often have elevator fears as well. One time I was stuck between floors with a group of kids in a hotel. Before getting an elevator I often recall that experience.

  11. Personally, I prefer the exercise. Or at least the down hill part of it. :) I still take the elevator up.