Thursday, 4 January 2018

By the hearth

Back I went to old Alton town
I was worried that long gone
Memories would get me down
Those eyes for me always shone

I walked the lane where you did live
It's changed so much since that day
At the back door you would give
A sweetest smile and say "Hey"

Once alone in your own room
Your full lips I used to kiss
For you were a precious bloom
You're still what I really miss

The long years have passed us both by 
Our ways took a different path
I recall you dark brown eyes
Us cuddled warm by the hearth

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  1. Such sweetness recalled is both bitter-sweet.

  2. I love this! Nostalgia with a little regret--but what a fine memory!

  3. Oh those memories from way back....there was a brown-eyed lad in mine. Loved this, Robin.

  4. Ah, sweet memories! And sweetly told.