Saturday, 6 January 2018

The pebble beach

Luckily it had been a warm night
Binge drinking session over
I woke up on the pebble beach
With hungry seagulls watching me
But soon they were quickly put to flight

Staccato whistling of soaring birds
Checking the water for some food
And the gentle sprinking of rain
Convinced me to leave my stony bed
To farewell my sidekick who'd not stirred

Some hours later I could not deny
I felt thinner after a bathroom stop
Slick too shaving off my stubble
Then I spied my eyes in the mirror
Don't talk of my sin 'til by and by

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  1. A clever use of the prompt words - i could imagine him washed ashore

  2. Poor seagulls, denied!
    After a St. Paddy's drinking binge back in 1992, I woke curled around a toilet. I made my way to the 7-11, where I bought a burrito. I then went and vomited in the alley. Woo-hoo! Good times! Oddly, I don't miss them all that much.