Saturday, 27 January 2018

Rainy Day

Cat sat by the door waiting
Holding everyone to ransom
It was a rainy day and both
He and the dog wanted to go outside

I opened the door slowly
The dog grinned then looked at me
And performed a pirouette
The cat just glowered at me in disgust

So the dog scampered off out
Ran over the lawn, cocked leg
Then ran in circles before
Prancing, leaping and looking back at me

Cat meanwhile scowled with disgust
Tip-toed his way to the shed
With dangerous look on face
To hide in the dense weed and out of sight

By magic the sun now came out
Clearly a change on the way
Meanwhile the dog was trampling
The long grass by the boundary fence

Joan called me from the kitchen
Morning coffee had been made
Smug cat now smiled on the step
With not one wet hair on his sleek body

I had a towel for the dog
Shook himself all over me
Cat jumped on the window sill
As my lovely wife laughed herself silly

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  1. Aw...the dog is ever happy but not the cat ;)

  2. Ha... something tells me that the cat is the wiser one.

  3. Typical behaviour from all concerned, I think!

  4. Ha! Neither of my dogs were ever big fans of the rain, so I lucked out there. Snow is a different story though!

  5. Most dogs don't seem to mind getting wet, which is why I prefer dogs over prissy cats! :)

  6. I could sense the personality of the cat through your words!!

  7. Ha - It is funny the two different personalities. The dog just likes to dance in the rain, the cat prefers to sit in the rays of sun.

  8. I love this warm happy scene. Of such magic is born our happiest memories.

  9. Ah - the joy of simple living, Robin. Bet the cat and dog are bestfriends. :)

  10. Cats are very clever and ultimately superior to their owners - for in reality, they own us.
    Anna :o]

  11. And that's why there's a disparity between some cat-lovers and dog-lovers! Sounds as if you enjoy both, however.

  12. A wonderfully drawn scene - replete with splendid 'pet-wise' observations.

  13. Such a rich scene you've painted Robin!

  14. I love the intimacy of this piece - cats are clever!

  15. The cat's mood changes with the weather! Lovely piece.

  16. Lovely story made me smile too


  17. Very canine and feline. Having said which, I have a cat that loves being dripped on.

  18. The adventures of "cat and dog." Enjoyed.