Saturday, 30 December 2017

Outback Christmas

A sliver of light peered through the window
Morning once again telling us to get up
It was another hot day taking charge
Simmering slowly at first then boiling us
Like poor potatoes in a cooking pot

Our farming land was miles from any town
On the edge of nowhere, not much rain here
With nothing but kangaroos, flies and snakes
Ditches and waterholes dry for most of the year
With leaves and fruit withering on the vine

Dog seemed pleased to see me wagging his tail
Crows cawed in the middle of the gum trees
While mocking pink Galahs screeched disbelief
Our sheep gathered under the gumtrees shade
Hiding, stoic in ditches from sun's heat

I found wifey busy in the kitchen
She had breakfast all ready for us both
As the mighty sun strode across the sky
Her smile worth at least a million dollars
No way could I have made it without her

"You do know it is Christmas don't you Ben?"
She said as I took my boots off outside
"Course I do, your present's under the tree"
Hand in hand we went into the Lounge room
I hope she likes what I got her in town

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  1. Such warm scenes!...Happy New Year Robin!

  2. Aww, this is lovingly tender, Robin. Happy 2018.

  3. I can feel the heat in this poem of an Outback took me right there.

  4. Was 50 degrees outside this afternoon. Happy New Year from the outback !

  5. Such a warm poem, Robin. I like all of the details you included in setting this outback Christmas scene.

  6. You took me there too in the warmth of your words.
    Have a wonderful New Year!
    Anna :o].

  7. I love this.. the sense that Christmas is almost like any other day. Today I listened to a program about how it was in the very North of Sweden for the Sami... much the same except it's bitter cold instead of scorching hot... but the work will come first and Christmas second.

  8. I'm right with Bjorn. Seeing that for them Christmas is like any other day, plus a gift is just lovely. You did such a great job at showing us that life can be (and is) so hard at times, but there is always a source of joy... if we care to look.

  9. This is such a beautifully tender write, Robin!❤️ Wishing you a peaceful 2018!

  10. What a wonderful portrait of a simple life...another day on a farm bringing with it the reality that it is like any other day....with a bit of holiday time left over....

  11. This is so honest and loving. A marriage comfortable in its own skin. Happy New Year, Robin.

  12. A lovely and warm poem - in all senses of the word warm. I have a feeling your wife loved the gift!

  13. Love to read such warm feelings especially with a wonderful Christmas present thrown in! Marriage is bliss. Happy New Year Robin!


  14. This is such an honest and warm write. The routines of life must come first, even though it is Christmas.
    Happy New Year, Robin! :)

  15. I like the way you move from the dramatic nature of our outback landscape to the peaceful affection at the end. A sense of 'all's right with the world'.

  16. What a rich story, the start of a movie. I especially love the poor potatoes boiling and the crows in the gum tree. I found myself wanting to know what he got her.

  17. Those dogs are amazing running on the backs of the animals! Sounds like one of your early Christmas'es?

  18. What is the gift? Oh to make this ordinary day full of tails wagging, you have succeeded beautifully.