Saturday, 27 January 2018

I couldn't move

I couldn't move
She'd fell asleep
As I read a book
To her that night
Our breathing matched

She's beautiful
I feel the warmth
Of her body
So close to mine
I kiss her brow

Should be in bed
So raise her up
The slightest grunt
As she lays down
On the pillow

I tuck her in 
Turn the light off
Quietly leave
Closing the door
To tidy up

Five minutes on
Retired myself
"You took your time"
She said to me
"Lets warm you up"

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  1. This is so sweet... the waking up together, going to sleep as well.

  2. I agree, this is incredibly sweet Robin!

  3. Beautiful symmetry here Robin. Very romantic


  4. This is so sweetly romantic. There is so much love we can show to our partners in the everyday things we do for them.

  5. "Sweet" is the word that came to me, too, on reading this.

  6. Your words brought me to when I would put my hand lightly on their chests, their breath to make sure they were really in front of me.

  7. You have such a ways with tender words, Robin... I always leave here with a smile.

  8. "You took your time"
    She said to me
    "Let me warm you"

    'One good turn deserves another'! How true as the saying goes, Robin! There are privileges and surprises when one gives more than one takes!


  9. You are such a romantic, I know I've said it before. Wonderfully warm.