Thursday, 25 January 2018

It's over now

It's over now, you're not coming back
I know that now, it hurts so much, my dear
Seeing you left me well ahead of time
But that you fought so long and hard to stay

I remember in the beginning how
You were juggling me and an airman
Surprised me you went north one weekend
To tell me later you'd given him up

So we were married in less than a year
Very snug in our one bedroom flat
After the best honeymoon in Paris
A short walk to Jardin du Luxembourg

Three kids and six grandchildren to fill 
Our lives, finding a home far from home
In Australia to spend all our days
Now I have got to find where you went to

Prompt words used 'over', 'beginning', 'back', 'ahead'.

Image Palais du Luxembourg and gardens found at


  1. romance and marriage in Paris? sounds like something to fondly reminisce about:) finding love and savoring it...all those years later

  2. A lovely reminiscence, Robin! I love "A short walk to Jardin du Luxembourg"...💖

  3. I enjoyed this very much. I read it several times.

  4. Such memories Robin. I truly enjoyed reading this.

  5. So moving, that she fought so long and hard to stay. And eventually, we hope theirs will be the first face that we see. Sigh. A beautiful poem, Robin.

  6. I felt a sadness, a sense of loss running through this and at the same time a joy for what had passed between. Powerful.

  7. Joy, loss, expectations...All wrapped up in beautiful poetry

  8. A wonderful full life, but still with such a loss in the end... love this Robin... heartfealt

  9. "you fought so long and hard to stay..." Yes, it is always hard for the one left behind.