Sunday, 28 January 2018

Unique riches

The tangerine ball that is the sun
Sinks slowly in the west once again
Her flames roasting us one more time
sure to return tomorrow

As beachgoers skin glowss pink and peels
And their toddlers tongues lick icecream cones
Ma with paper on head fancies trip
for Macca's fast food tonight

While I think of snowfields glistening white
No spiteful ants, flies, but cool silence
Telling me more setting me thinking
why do we import palm trees?

And why are we never satisfied?
We copy everything we create
For it's far better to be ourselves
not the plural of others

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  1. When we are in one place, we miss another. The questions at the end say it all.

  2. That last stanza is a gem. Nice done.

  3. Something about the two lines referencing skin growing pink and tongues licking ice cream cones really gets me... those two images work so well side by side. And yes. We are never satisfied! Good write.