Thursday, 18 January 2018

The old oak told me

I spent a lot of time
when I was very young
in trees

I hid from my brother
who seemed not to know how
to climb

The old oak tree told me
secrets and gave me acorns
to spread

Where I could like children
to find a home to live
and grow

I looked up at a pine
she then looked down at me

Look at my pine cones boy
pick them up, toss them out
to play

To drop the seeds away
to grow tall just like me

Then by the riverside
I saw this willow bent

Can I help? Then I saw
her tears were seeds falling

Down the river to find
somewhere to live and grow
like me

So decided to help
plant their seeds where I could
to live

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  1. That's truly magical. The way trees can stay in one place for eons. Yet spread themselves over vast distances
    Nice Write Robin


  2. So good- this. Love the idea of the weeping willow weeping seeds. I like this.

  3. And I'll bet there is a small forest with your name on it, Robin. I loved this so much. Love the ideas of boys in trees!

  4. What a wonderful write! I love your spreading seeds of trees. Like you I spent much time in trees and still do.

  5. Love the perspective from the trees voice. This is lovely and inspiring!

  6. I love the sense of this coming around in a circle.. a great story and metaphor for life itself

  7. The weeping willow in tears. I'm glad your poet decided to help her. Grow where your seed fell or is there something better? A fun poem, O.E.

  8. Your poem is delightful, Jim! At the risk of repeating myself, I love autobiographical poems and finding out about my fellow poets. I especially enjoyed:
    'The old oak tree told me
    secrets and gave me acorns
    to spread'.

  9. I do love how you worked on those seeds... it's the way to do it... spread the seeds (of trees)

  10. I spent my childhood spending most of my waking hours outdoors. Our little house was surrounded by oak trees. I have such a fondness for them.

  11. Rivers, fields, trees ... my summer's were spent amongst these.