Sunday, 11 December 2016

A vision splendid, sometimes

What vision this that stirs a man
Who treading first upon a land
Will settle there and rest his bones
And a country is born

Then a young lass espies a man
She'll surely catch him if she can
So long as he makes the first approach
And a new love is born

Charcoal scrawls and daubs of paint
Model poses unlike a saint
His eyes flash with such artistic skill
A master work is born

The gardener paces up and down
His brow wrinkles with a frown
He's busy planting for all he's worth
A new landscape is born

A politician scans the map
Then rants and raves then takes a nap
Now he's upset nations near and far
A new conflict is born

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  1. Such interesting verses on how things begin... the politician especially seems perfect!!

  2. Much rather the chaos of an artists work than a politician - far more likely for happy accidents to happen there

  3. The last stanza seems to be an appropriate assessment of the current state of affairs. All are wondering what is in store with the change in the US political landscape!


  4. beginnings and the way feminine; absolutely a gorgeous write Robin

    much love...

  5. A stellar close that raises doubts and questions! Powerful write, Robin❤️

  6. Each stanza - a different kind of birth - each different, yet alike. Tied together masterfully into this poem!

  7. That was an interesting read..a new conflict is indeed born. May it be resolved.

  8. Wonderfully done, Robin. The final stanza is especially apt.

  9. A landscape is certainly shaped by those who map it--and conflict is, too. I think Renoir was paid to produce pornography, but maybe it's just art, realism. Ha. As for this: "She'll surely catch him if she can
    So long as he makes the first approach." Haha. Maybe another lansdscape shaped by desire?

  10. An interesting take on human passions. Thank heavens - when the politicians are finished getting at what they get at - the artists, gardeners and lovers, are left to their lovely diversions ... sigh ... those small mercies that sustain us through life's conflicts.

  11. As Susan says--perhaps new landscapes are framed in desire--really well done Robin!

  12. So fertile. The ending took a surprising turn that I wasn't expecting, one that made me take notice.

  13. Yes, our splendid visions may be sweet to contemplate; but some can cause disaster. A time to hope and pray, I think!

  14. Could do without the politican; the rest are lovely.

  15. Always there is something to be born. Even a politician.


  16. Monday WRites 87 is live, i invite you to link in

    much love...

  17. Once I got the rhythm it flowed into a wonderful piece, for me.

  18. This is BRILLIANT.