Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Flying high

I have often wondered why
Man has this strange urge to fly
Soaring in the sky above
Like a wren, or hawk or dove

How stupid, he has no wings
So unlike a bird who sings
Icarus made this mistake
I will not that same route take

Foolish always is my way
With my bride on wedding day
To Paris flew with my love
Cuddled up like turtle doves

So it is the years since then
I've flown high just like that wren
Who across the world migrates
Thankfully near heaven's gates

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  1. ah yes! its good to soar sometimes with wings of steel

    much love...

  2. Oh so wonderful that you and your bride went to Paris. What could be better? Lovely.

  3. It is interesting, isn't it, how humans have such an urge to fly though we don't have wings. Your last stanza is moving... eventually everyone will take that flight!

  4. Yes, it takes something amazingly deep to alter such a conviction and make us take flight! Lovely.

  5. specially enjoyed that sweet romantic touch to this poem on aviation...

  6. Love your perspective on this, Robin ❤️ Beautifully penned.

  7. Let's not land at heavens gate just yet.. i love the flow of the words and the words themselves.. on the whole being on earth is the better of options

  8. Paris with your bride...perfect!!

  9. Everything about Parisian culture seems to have been innately designed for love!!Ah- it certainly is the epitome of romance.
    Lovely poem, Robin.