Saturday, 31 December 2016

Demon drink

Oh no! I am awake
January the first
Kids are in the backyard
They're playing with a ball
Bang, bang, bang against the wall

It is always the same
This I learn to my cost
My friend the demon drink
Is really mean to me
For my eyes can hardly see

Now cruel teenager son
Bruises my ears as well
"Boots are made for walking"
Please put me underground
To muffle out all the sound

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  1. A different morning after.. ow..plenty of fluids and a cooked breakfast will do the trick..

  2. A miserable way to start the morning, for most of us time teaches the value of moderation. Happy New Year, Old Egg... keep your wonderful wordcrafting coming our way!

  3. I can relate...

  4. morning....never learn....

  5. Loud walkers are tough on all of us, especially in NYC. We live on the top floor, so we try to be good and walk lightly (in the morning).

    Happy New Year, Robin!