Wednesday, 21 December 2016

End of year party

The Christmas get together
End of year party
Eyeing up the office girls

No matter just how I tried
To woo one over
'specially the one with curls

A bashful one now glances
I love her turned up nose
She's the best of all the pearls

I never seen her before
Just like a rosebud
With drinks she just unfurls

So I talk and dance with her
She was mine alone
As she moves with pretty twirls

Clunker I have made for she's
Daughter of the boss
Dagger looks at me he hurls

I return her to her seat
So I now resume
Eyeing other office girls

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  1. Oops. Guess she wasn't such a wallflower after all.

  2. Never mess with the boss's daughter! A fun tale of the happenings at office festivities, and so often there is a little too much drink involved, which gets very entertaining and makes for interesting conversation at work the next day!

  3. The boss' daughter on the contrary could have been a short-cut to favourable treatment in the rise up the ladder.


  4. Could have been a career stopper. Wise choice.