Sunday, 25 December 2016

Crispy frosty morn

Crispy frosty morn
A chime from the church tower
Calling us to mass

We slip slide our way
All wrapped up cosy and warm
On this Christmas morn

To get there just in time
To sing Alleluia
Jesus Christ is born

Sun peeps through the clouds
As we make our way back home
A sign all is well

The snow drifts melting
We all stomp our feet outside
Our minds now on food

That pile of presents
Has waited there for days now
Underneath the tree

But first the turkey
As all the family sit
Dining together

Happy little flock
Baby with gravy on her chin
Grinning in Dad's lap

Present time is here
Kids are going bananas
Time now to unwrap

Shouts of joy and thanks
Paper strewn on the floor
Every face a grin

Adults settle down
Gathered round the burning fire
Toasting absent friends

Even Grandma smiles
A drink she did not decline
She's now fast asleep

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  1. What fun to celebrate with the loved ones especially spanning 3 generations! All there at the same time. Great, Robin!


  2. Beautiful. A lovely Christmas cameo.