Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tiny diamonds

Her eyes were weeping 
Tiny diamonds on her cheek 
A child of our own

Pleading to heaven
Not to have her medicine
Our baby daughter

Wife found some candy
Swiftly tears turned to drizzle
Her smile now returned

She reads her a book
Her dark tunnel of despair
Has now passed its peak

My wife is a saint
We have been married six years
Have now put down roots

Hers a tale of woe
She had no love in her life
Until now that is

Came from a cruel home
All that is now behind her
But not forgotten

Not always easy
How she has blossomed today
A perfect mother

Image found at www.kolcraft.com


  1. Nice one! 'Tiny diamonds' - I like this term.

  2. Sometimes those who have had the least love make the best parents because they want it to be different for their children. this is a lovely tribute