Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Revenant

Bright white lights of the city
Now glare down at me again
And candle toting kids beam
White Christmas, is this a dream?

Born and worked here long ago
Never in my wildest thoughts
Did I think I'd be here again
Back home after so much pain

Scent of pine is in the air
I watch them all every one
Passing shoppers do not see
This man from a far country

Cars are honking in the street
Painted call girls pass me by
Don't care to give me the eye
Swish off to a safer guy

Roll up my sleeves I'm back home
Start my life over once more
Streams of living water flow
My past has gone long ago

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  1. Nice to be back to familiar surroundings. It gives a feeling of re-assurance on what lies ahead. Confidence of movements would be enhanced when given a boost!


  2. A new beginning, and just in time for the new year!

  3. Such a beautiful read
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Old Egg