Saturday, 10 September 2016

The night forest

Now that I am here
I lean against oak tree
Listen to whispers

This is a wild world
The birds having a gossip
The stream tinkles on

A wild cry is heard
Furry creatures quarreling
Love will have its way

Snap of a branch
The undergrowth is stirring
With one shriek of pain

Old foes meet again
Territorial dispute
To talk it over

Perching now stock still
Owl's eyes follow me around
Old doubting Thomas

Looks me up and down
Checks my authenticity
To be there at night

Gets ready to tilt
Into his swooping attack mode
To drive me away

Brushes against my hat
A scream like a Banshee tells me
I am unwelcome

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  1. get out of there, quick!

  2. In a way I am glad - the night forest is no place to get stuck...

  3. I think one must be careful in territorial surroundings. The night creatures come out of hiding and you must have a keen spirit to walk the forest at night.

    1. Used to have a young friend and we'd go camping during the week, to avoid the people who thronged on weekends. We had delightful encounters with deer, raccoons, and owls. Listened to a pack of coyotes hunting. But nothing frightened us as much as a deep male voice coming out of the darkness, telling us he was a park ranger, but keeping himself totally hidden. We jumped in the car and left.


  4. They sure take their territorial rights to be a serious matter. One just can't mess around with them on such counts.