Sunday, 25 September 2016


I am so old now
But take my capsules each night
And dream of the past

And so remember
Those former halcyon days
And our walled garden

Busy bees working
Pollen sticking to their backs
Thanks for the nectar

On this hottest day
Invasion of kakydids
Come to say hello

On scorched driveway
Our active children hopping
Over the chalk marks

Wife tapping the gourd
Nearly ready for picking
I'll not intervene

Take toddler to shops
Oops! Now she is shoplifting
Candy in her hand

That's my crooked mind
Spreading memories again
Of long ago past

I'm back home again
Having an afternoon nap
Still dreaming of you

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  1. Hee hee. I love this. :)

    "Invasion of kakydids
    Come to say hello" ... Did you mean that the kaTydids are coming to say hello?

    You also need to add an "s" to your "Oops."

    This is my favorite section:
    "Wife tapping the gourd
    Nearly ready for picking
    I'll not intervene"

  2. Perhaps all dream are really one the end of the dream, there are words, in the margin, that say, to be continued? Our life made up of little things, unimportant very important to the foundation of who we are?

  3. Oh, this gives me chills. I went right along on the journey with you. Well done.