Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Secret Trysts

I laughed to myself as we
Hugged and kissed each other
In the dark dank passageway
It was not the only time
That we had taken the risk
They said it was forbidden
Her and me clinched together
Oh what a feeling that was

Families quite unaware
Luckily our paths at crossed
Our eyes met and that was that
An opportunity seized
Enabling us to meet for
A few moments of freedom
Secret trysts, stolen kisses
We were both only seven

This poem tells of two young kids meeting for a kiss after school and being only seven each line of the poem contains only seven syllables. (Later: Oops I have realized I used Clinch rather than Cinch...whatever! I prefer my word.)

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  1. So young to be doing that kind of thing. Kind of puts the lie to the idea that children are naturally innocent.

  2. Cinch was a hard word wasn't it - there's an irony there! Seven is young indeed but why not..

    1. Curiously I lowered the age when I couldn't find a suitable illustration of older kids! Must confess I didn't even start looking myself until I was 10!

  3. In fiction, anything can happen but such ideas shouldn't cross the mind of young is too young