Saturday, 24 September 2016

I wake up screaming

I wake up screaming only then
Do the ashes of the past
Drift slowly away

My heart's now thumping in my chest
Just what, where, and when was this
And why are you here?

Slowly it all comes back to me
I am free and rinsed clean
Was found not guilty

Funny that after all this time
Having got out of this mess
You still stir the pot

Will you never leave me alone?
Submitting me to all this pain
I only shot once

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  1. This is a masterpiece Old Egg - deftly demonstrating your gifts as both poet and story teller

  2. What a tormented and tortured soul. Sometimes being found not guilty isn't enough. Brilliant.

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  3. Amazing how you manage to weave such a deep tale in such a short space. The last line is a masterstroke — or, should I say, really hits the mark?

  4. shot once, twice, not at all, the fact that we act or are filled with desire to act, finds us guilty enough.
    I liked the irony of your line, "I only shot once."