Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Passion's Dart

It was her bright eyes of course
Twinkling like the evening stars
That pierced me with passion's dart
That stole away my poor heart

Her voice like a sirens call
Whispering sweet love divine
Mists they rose and all was clear
Each word she spoke was so dear

Long ago she beckoned me
Beside her I now lay down
My head safe upon her breast
Cuddled in cared not for rest

But she's gone now from my side
So I must dream all alone
Whispering trees say not where
Mindless of my deep despair

Such is life's every bloom
That sadly fades as love cools 
The heat that once drove us on
Tears like petals now have gone

Those days have now long past
How sweet my memories are
But oft I wake with a start
As I recall passion's dart

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  1. Yes! It's as if time spirals back upon us, bringing us there again. Sometimes, I prefer to keep dreaming.

  2. Tears like petals now have gone.... soft and tender poetry!! Enjoyed it.

  3. Lovely! Those beautiful memories will always remain in your heart. :)

  4. Beautiful. Isn't it great that memories stay with us forever, even if the person and the situation changes?

  5. But oft I wake with a start
    As I recall passions dart

    This is oh so deep! ❤

  6. "Such is love's every bloom, that sadly fades....." Sigh. So poignant, Robin.

  7. You never disappoint me, i return with the same passion for your romantic surprises

    much love...

  8. this is so sad; but such beauty in the lines

  9. At least there are dreams.. I suppose even petals on a pillowcase dry out after time..but on that cheery note - such passion is enviable!

  10. Yet who would be without such memories, having been fortunate enough to have the experiences? They are such a mixture of sad yet sweet. And you always make your romantic verses so fresh and real!

  11. Yes, it is sad to dream alone...but still those memories are worth it. One would not have wanted to miss that passion and love. Keep your memories warm in the night, Robin. Savor them.

  12. You write with such tender emotions, it spills from that place of dreams deep within you. Tis sad to dream alone though.

  13. Your emotions captured my heart and understanding. Such precious blooms weren't meant to be forever a sad fact of life as we must face alone.

  14. What's gone is gone...or is it? We never know for sure, do we?

  15. To love and lose: a universal theme to which you have done justice.

  16. Those days have now long past
    How sweet my memories are

    Sweetness of a loved one will linger long in memory. Such lovely time together!