Thursday, 15 September 2016

So that's OK

I know you will say I shouldn't have but I went back to Ackender Wood last week.

Do you remember all those years ago when we were teenagers and I had a crush on you...well I thought I was in love with you.

At the weekends we used to go for long walks together holding hands and cuddling together with no-one else to see us among the trees.

The whisper of the pines and the scent of wild flowers is just the same and brought back it all back; the way you smiled at me and me touching you so tenderly.

Just then I saw the tree under which we sat what seems a lifetime ago and I carved our initials in the bark inside a wobbly heart so that our love would be recorded for ever.

Well we have grown up and gone our separate ways and so has the tree as you can barely make out the inscription R x J but it is still there alright so thats OK.

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  1. We all have that tree, that love that wasn't resolved. Thanks!

  2. Ever the romantic. How cool if was still carved into the tree

  3. Just lovely, Old Egg! You have a gift for taking us on journeys back to younger years and sweet memories!

  4. Memories are glorious things, the ones we carve in our hearts and the ones we grow on trees...

    This is so tender, Robin. ♥

  5. Old Egg, you always have such a sweet way with the love stories.