Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mermaids breath

I've no feet of clay 
Just sand between my toes
What simple pleasures

Others have all gone
The moon is my companion
And a pair of gulls

I can relax now
Far from the lies of the world
Away from my cares

I rest on the shore
Night's cover eases my mind
Worries are all fixed

Asleep on the beach
Woken by a mermaids breath
Angels singing songs

Dare I snatch a kiss?
No, they will just box my ears
Laughing swim away

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This poem was published back in 2013 and may be new for most


  1. Asleep on the beach
    Woken by a mermaids breath
    Angels singing songs... how perfect would that be!!

  2. Yes, they are like that, I have found.

  3. That mermaid does look like an ear boxer! Perhaps there is a familiar more friendly one still visiting you on the beach

  4. They can be playful if they want to.


  5. I like the idea of an ear boxing mermaid.

  6. ah, but be careful of her song for she has lured the best of hearts..

  7. This is awesome! I especially like the double entendre in the last stanza ... "snatch," "box." I think you should do it, turn her tail into legs and "go to town" in the deep. ;)

  8. I LOVE this poem - the mermaids boxing your ears made me smile. I, too, love the detachment from angst that comes with our years - it's up to the young ones now. We can enjoy the simple pleasures of sand in our toes. Wonderful writing, Robin!

  9. She is a temptress for sure... more likely she will lure you into deep water than you will be able to steal a kiss.

  10. Oh, snatch a kiss. What does one have to lose! Smiles.

  11. Sleeping on the beach can bring wonderful dreams,


  12. this is lovely, luv the romantic edge, Robin

    much love...

  13. "Woken by a mermaids breath" - a lovely line, beautifully capturing the wonder to be found by the sea.