Saturday, 17 September 2016

Collecting Flowers

I saw her first many years ago
With a basket on her arm
Collecting flowers so she said
But I was the one that she picked

Springtime when we were both young
With a grin on both our faces
She was flicking her blonde hair
And me trying to be so smart

Smite me down if I tell a lie
But before long we were writhing
In the straw around a haystack
Was she a champion kisser

Her dad caught us of course
In his guise as a concerned father
Said it was deplorable behaviour
With me shaking in my boots

Try to be a bit more discreet
He said with a grin on his face
Being a dyed in the wool country man
There was no fire in his voice

Been married now for thirty years
Watched my daughters like a hawk
But they all chose their own partners
Much like their Ma I suppose

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  1. Like the last line... fond acceptance as history repeats!!

  2. love around a haystack, so romantic :)

  3. This made me think of The Darling Buds of May - but a bit edgier..halcyon are good to remember

  4. ha there are so many Bollywood romantic Hindi songs in and around the haystack...your lines remind me of that :)

  5. This is soo incredibly sweet and romantic 💖

  6. haystack kisses nice share; happy Sunday Robin

    much love...

  7. This made me smile, Robin!! It seems the daughters had a good example.

  8. I love "But I was the one that she picked." It sounds like her father understood about life and young love. I love "watched my daughters like a hawk". They had a good dad, too.

  9. So charming. Loved reading this.

  10. What wonder it is when we can booth choose and be chosen...

  11. I love this roll in the hay — nonny-nonny! — piece!

  12. You have a lovely knack for imbuing your pieces with a wonderful human quality. This is a treat!

  13. What a beautifully told tale, Robin. Put a smile on my face.

  14. A sporting father is always a gem of a guy, Robin! Not many are privileged!


  15. It is the way of things....and young people rarely ask their parents.

  16. Sounds like she chose wisely with her basket of delights!

  17. This made me smile from the inside out--i watched my girls like a hawk as well!

  18. Ah, how nice to be collected, much as a flower!