Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Opal ring

It was her birthday and he'd been busy all week and still he hadn't bought anything and was meeting her after work so it was lunchtime or never.

Joel trawled through the arcades and speciality shops but could still not make up his mind between jewelry, perfume or a watch or anything really that would put a smile on her face and that special look in her eyes.

"May I be of assistance sir?" the elegant shop assistant said as Joel wandered around yet another boutique shop.

Joel looked at her and plunged right in desperately, "It's my girlfriend's birthday and I just can't make up my mind", he said shyly.

Let me walk you round and show you a few things" she sad reassuringly as she proceeded to present him with possibilities after tactfully extracting his budget for the purchase.

Finally after deciding that there was now plenty to choose from, the assistant then said "I do have this opal ring which I would love my boyfriend to give me", Joel looked at the girl then at the ring, nodded and said quietly, "I'll have to charge it" and pulled his credit card from his pocket book.

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  1. A splurge for something beautiful is just what a charge card is for!

  2. That desperation is a familiar feeling, only for me it's what to get my parents, who already have or can buy anything they need.

  3. Opals are best when given to you from true love....some old thing my mother used to say...

  4. Ohhhh beautifully done, and this - "anything really that would put a smile on her face and that special look in her eyes" - such a beautifully familiar feeling, and a delight to get right. Good luck, Joel :)

  5. If you're gonna' go into debt, you may as well go big.

  6. I agree with the other Y Chromes, once the commitment to spend is made, the imagination can engage and (the amount of money) no longer matters.