Thursday, February 25, 2016

The hired help

Anna watched the hired help from her window as he chopped up the logs for her father.

He had stripped to the waist and she gulped with admiration as he steadily worked through the stack of timber.

"Anna" her mother called, "Go, take that young man a drink as it is sweltering hot out there."

"Do I have to Mum?" she wailed, secretly pleased she had been asked as the sound of him cleaving the wood continued.

She had a grin on her face as she thought of the word cleave as she took the drink out to him, which not only meant to cut up timber but also to desire or cling to someone.

He looked up as she approached and put down his ax, yes I'd like to cling to that she thought.

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  1. The picture is as good as the story! What will happen between these two?

  2. Hubba hubba. That's perfect. And the story was good too! :-)

  3. What a cool little vignette this is. Or rather, it is a pleasantly warm one! Very well portrayed. Robin, I upgraded my computer and lost your email address. Would you please email me at Something to ask you. Thanks, kiddo.

  4. HA! Very good indeed. I like the pic ;)

  5. yeah! I got that same opposite definition thing (as I did my preliminaries to writing) that cleave can be both.
    Nice job levering that

  6. Oh, they're ganna'

    Nice take on this. The pix is perfect!

  7. Kind of an "I'd tap that" finish! Extra points for using the word two different ways :)

  8. Many a young lady would love to be in that position.

  9. I swear that you have the ability to draw a story of romance out of almost anything, Old Egg, it is what I enjoy most about you! You've made it so easy for us to picture this young woman smiling out her window and so willing to carry the poor young man a cool drink! All the makings of a perfect love story!